New Romione smutfics, yay!

"Reaffirmation" by mugglemama


Hermione needs a little help after their encounter at Malfoy Manor and Ron’s eager to lend a hand

Smutty Highlights: Ron and Hermione in a batch. ;3

'Hermione's in the bath. Hermione. In the bath.'

"Hermione’s Helping Hand" by CheekyRoseB


Class makes Ron unhappy. Hermione has a solution for his melancholy. She IS top of her class for a reason.

Smutty Highlights: Naughty Hermione tsk tsk

"You two are bloody freaks."

"Insatiable"  by ErinFabu


Just a very, very short drabble I wrote in about 20 minutes about Ron and his…appetite 

Smutty Highlights: Hermione’s perspective of Ron’s sexuality.

'The boy really had a filthy, filthy mouth'

"Anything" by KariAnn1222


One instance of throwing caution to the wind for the sake of comfort during the final Battle leads to unexpected complications. Another Romione pregnancy fic by Yours Truly.

Smutty Highlights: KariAnn doing what she does best. Smutty first chapter that is also engaging and emotional.

'Ron lavishes my throat with sloppy nips and kisses'

"Permission Slip" by KariAnn1222 and jesrod82


Hermione is beginning her final year at Hogwarts while Ron is busy helping out George. Will the separation entice her to bend the rules in order to see Ron as often as she can? Being Head Girl and a war heroine has its merits. Co-authored by jesrod82.

Smutty Highlights: Joke shop sex, humor, seductive Hermione, and definitely some surprises to come as the two authors switch off chapters.

"I didn’t really think the whole ‘not wearing knickers’ thing through quite enough."

"The Body Electric"  by wordsmithsonian

R/Hr- Mature- Romance/Angst

Hermione has never particularly liked her body, but she rethinks her self assessment when Ron shows her the many wonders of what her body can do

Smutty Highlights: A one-shot that is very lovely and sweet. 

"She didn’t hide, because suddenly there was no need."

Finally, here is a fic rec that is not smut at all. (sometimes I do look through those haha)

"Rose" by veritaserumkills


The birth of Rose Weasley, as told from Harry’s POV. Oneshot. Just fluffy, fun stuff.

Highlights: Such an adorable fic that I loved and wanted to share here.

"She’s the most beautiful of the Weasleys so far. I’ve already decided she’s my favorite niece."

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