Romione Smutfic Time!!

A few fics from

"Through the Mirror" 

Hermione centric, Ron/Hermione, also featuring Ron, various and sundry Weasley relations, the Grangers and Dumbledore (among others). - Adult

Canon compliant yet AU. Takes place during the holidays of 1996 (during HPB) and December 2011 (between the body of DH and the epilogue). Hermione needs some perspective.

Smutty Highlights: Hot older Ron

"Choices" or "Five Ways Hermione Granger Could Have Lost Her Virginity" 

Hermione POV, Hermione/Krum, Hermione/Ginny, Hermione/Original Male Character, Hermione/Harry, Hermione/Ron. —NC-17

“What? Like girls don’t wonder about these things also? 

Smutty Highlights: The Romione part is particularly sweet. You can just scroll on down if these other pairings aren’t your taste. However, it is interesting to see Hermione in these different scenes. I say this as a crazy R/Hr shipper. 

“Those Weasley Boys and Their Porn”

Uh, Ron/Harry/Porn? Allusions to canon pairings.-NC-17

Set early Book Six. Um, Ron, let’s just not talk about this in future…to anyone.

Smutty Highlights: So it’s not an actual Romione fic. The themes are still here haha. Wank fics are underrated in my humble opinion.  

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